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"Le Montmartre offers one of the best Epiphany cake" according to the 

In the beginning of each year, we prepare the famous Galette des rois in London, made at its finest, with the freshest ingredients. 


Call us on 0207 936 4108 to order your galette des rois. 

You have 3 options: 

- Free collection in our kitchens in central London on 12 Devereux Court (near Temple tube station) or on 59 Cornhill (near Bank station) with 24h notice.

- Free delivery in Central London when you order 2 Galettes (EC, WC).

- Delivery via DHL Express to any UK address (for an extra charge)

We have sizes of Galette: 6/7 pers for £19.9 & 8/10 pers for £25.9 

Why not offering a galette des rois to your clients? Family and friends? We can add a Greeting card with the galette des rois on your behalf!

The tradition


The Galette des rois is a cake that the French are used to eat to celebrate the Epiphany. You can find it in all French bakeries during the month of January. This cake is made of puff pastry filled with frangipane (a mix of almonds, eggs, butter etc). The Galette des Rois is made to draw the king. The baker hides a little figurine inside the cake. The one who finds it becomes the king for one day. Obviously, the king of the day has to wear a paper crown, which is provided with the cake. The Epiphany takes place on the 6th January (12 days after Christmas day).


History of the Galette des rois


The origin of the Galette des Rois tradition comes from the Saturnalia (an ancient Roman festival) around 200 BC. At that time, the Romans used to “draw the King” among their slaves each year (around the beginning of January). The slave who had become the king of the day was allowed to ask anything during that day. This tradition permitted to warm up the relationship between slaves and their master. 

The tradition changed with time. The Galette des Rois was still in fashion during Louis XIV reign in the 17th Century. Plus, he allowed the King of the day to decide who would be the ministers and the ambassadors for that day. When the French revolution occurred, the name of Galette des Rois was temporary replaced by Galette de l’Egalite (Equality cake) for a few years. 

The Galette des Rois passed down generations and is now eaten in many other countries as Kings cake (in United States), La Rosca (in Mexico) or Vassilopita (in Greece).

Le gâteau des Rois, by Jean-Baptiste Greuze, 1774 (Musée Fabre)


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